EKVASIS is a general purpose consulting/VET company with the main objective of helping organisations and SMEs increase their turn-over through better utilization of new and emerging technologies and new ways of doing things. EKVASIS helps its customers materialize the digital transformation through new business process models focusing on innovative but practical uses of:
- Artificial Intelligence (personalization and automation)
- Blockchain (IPR protection)
- Augmented Reality (visualization and abstraction, training)
- Opinion mining and sentiment analysis (digital marketing and digital strategy)
- Cloud computing (green ICT, reduction of carbon footprint, remote teams, virtual collaboration)
- Physical computing (IoT, automation)
- Industry 4.0/5.0 (IoT, AI, cybersecurity)
- Digital content (digital marketing, online sales, knowledge awareness)
- Gamification (E&T, knowledge dissemination, marketing, promotion, entertainment)
- Service Design (application of service design thinking for the creation of new services

We understand what is required by organisations and SMEs and design new trainings, business processes and models which will harness the power of the above for the immediate benefit of the customers through increased turn over. Special focus is given to sustainable social entrepreneurship where we help social entrepreneurship projects be sustainable in terms of financial viability and environmental impact. We promote ECO-friendly social entrepreneurship with focus also on the youth group which is the group which needs to invent new types of businesses.