Project result 1: Training Programme and Delivery Environment

The training programme 

The training program will consist of modules on: - The best practices in the packaging sector - Customized packaging - Branded packaging - Sustainable packaging (eco packaging) - Innovative and Creative design in packaging.
The curriculum will be designed based on conclusions drawn from a methodology framework that will be based on the national research of best practices of current packaging in each partner country. As a result of COVID-19's restrictions, the training programme will be integrated into a Learning Motivational Platform, enabling remote, open and self-paced learning for the participants. 


 During the course, participants become familiar with sustainable and innovative packaging design. The training programme will  contain mechanisms to evaluate each participant's progress at the beginning, during, and at the end of the training. An online training environment based on Social Learning Motivations will function as a knowledge dissemination platform that facilitates collaboration among participants.

The target groups 

In the packaging industry, the training is intended for traditional packaging manufacturers, packaging suppliers and converters, graphic designers, VET providers, E-commerce brands, policy makers, retailers, and environmental NGOs.  

Expected impact 

The end result of this project is the provision of the latest trends in innovative packaging design to those in the packaging industry and the revitalization of the VET curriculums with the latest approaches to packaging. In addition, the project will generate awareness of sustainable and innovative packaging design and have a significant impact among VET trainers and VET organizations. It puts packaging portfolio into the context of the fourth industrial revolution and climate change, demonstrating ways to become more resilient to both