Project result 2: Development of a dynamic demonstrator

The demonstrator  

The Dynamic Demonstrator will visually display real industry scenarios and will be used to help enhance understanding of brand promise and unboxing experience concepts, as well as ways of integrating sustainable packaging solutions.
It will provide clear steps for packaging manufacturers, graphic designers, and printers to start designing creative packaging right away and will address the context-dependent nature of sustainable solutions.


The innovative component of the result is the use of real packaging industry scenarios that will provide a more engaging and effective learning experience. By including a dynamic demonstrator as an extension of the learning process, participants will be able to interact with the learning environment in a meaningful and effective way. The Open Badge Framework is an innovative way of validating and recognizing learning using OB technology as an Open Educational Resource.

The target groups 

The dynamic demonstrator will be beneficial to the direct and indirect public. Direct: VET providers, trainers, organizations, packaging manufacturers, graphic artists/designers, printers, packaging suppliers and converters Indirect: Ecommerce brands and customers, policymakers, retailers, environmental NGOs

Expected impact 

The trainers of VETs will be able to award participants a real, tangible, verifiable certification object, thus promoting their engagement and motivation in the program. Having seen the Demonstrator, the pa will have a better understanding of how to apply innovative and sustainable packaging design in a real-life industry scenario.