Scuola di Robotica 

Scuola di Robotica is a non-profit association founded in 2000 by a group of robotics and human science scholars. The main objective is the promotion of culture through education, training, education and dissemination of the arts and sciences involved in the process of development of robotics and new technologies. 

Scuola di Robotica particularly concerned with: 
- Educative robotics         
- Training courses for teachers        
- Research and development of new applications        
- Cognitive disabilities and weak users 
- Environmental sustainability         
- European projects

Over the years Scuola di Robotica has become a national and international reference point for many research activities and application of robotics in the most varied sectors of society such as didactics, ecology and disabilities.  Scuola di Robotica is a partner of many European projects and since 2009 has been certified as a training body by the Ministry of Education, University and Research for the updating of teaching staff.